EarWell™ Technology

Posterior Cradle

Bottom Cradle that attaches to the skull which is affixed by a special adhesive which holds for 14 days. It comes in various sizes and features a Posterior Conformer which is the universal key to unlocking deformational forces for the upper third of the ear. Resides between the skull and ear Reverse vertical pressure to form Superior limb of the Triangular Fossa and the upper Antihelix.

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Lateral force to form and shapes curve of Helical Rim. Applies a downward force to deepen and shape the Scapha. This downward force also controls Antihelix over projection. The Retractor comes in 3 sizes to fit with the various Cradle sizes. The Mini size is always applied to supplement a Medium or Large Retractor. Only a Small percentage of procedures employ a Mini Retractor.

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Conchal Former

Exerts downward forces to correct a conchal crux and Deepens and shapes the conchal bowl. It corrects prominent, over-projecting concha and can be applied with or without foam. Initial application s done without foam, Subsequent applications with foam will not affect infant hearing as it is open to sound waves.

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Anterior Shell

Top Shell connects to the Posterior Shell. The male Tabs are inserted into the female slots which are notched on both sides to allow flexing. This applies a downward vertical force and locks the component into position.

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Benefits of using The EarWell™

Low Cost

Reimbursable, minimal out-of-pocket expense

Works Fast

2 to 4 week course of therapy to correct any deformity

No Surgery

Negates the prospect of future invasive surgery

No Trauma

Eliminates taunting, teasing and emotional trauma


Transforms emotional, distraught parents into grateful ones


Congenital anomalies and birth defects present many medical and emotional challenges for children and their families.
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